3.5 Million Views on YouTube! [UPDATE]

On July 4th, 2010, an amazing video titled “World’s Largest Skateboard Disaster” hit the web, and since then it has been viewed over 3.5 million times on YouTube! The video started gaining buzz on Facebook, then transitioning to YouTube, making the video only a click away from anyone in the world with internet.  After the views, came the blogging, and a lot of it,  what seemed like every type of blogging site imaginable, they all had something to say about the Worlds Largest Skateboard. The blogging started in America, and then ventured into South America, Canada, and Europe. Once the video reached 1 million views, Yahoo displayed the video on their website along with a write up from GrindTV. According to YouTube, this event generated almost another million views (866,063 to be exact)! Now the video is at 3.5 million and continues to get blogged about and seen across the world, don’t be among the few who hasn’t seen this video, it is well worth the watch.